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Our First Shop

Since 1982 we have been serving the Fort Worth area with a full service auto repair facility for Domestic and Import Vehicles under one roof. We specialize in Domestic and Import auto repair. We also cater to your business needs by maintaining fleet vehicles of all makes to keep your business running efficiently. 


Our Technicians are passionate about both Domestic and European or Import vehicles. They have spent most of their lives maintaining, repairing and continuing to learn about these vehicles. Our technicians are seasoned experts with individual experience ranging from 15 to 25 years. Each one has earned ASE certifications and utilizes the most advanced computer diagnostic equipment available today. Because our technicians have spent decades specializing in these vehicles you will always have a dedicated and knowledgeable professional taking ever so delicate care of your car. 

We have a unique ability to offer our clients the option of original manufacturer (OEM) or after-market replacement parts. Because of our extensive experience, we have learned which after-market parts will offer you the opportunity to save money while still providing the quality and reliability you have come to expect from your vehicle. 

Our Repairs are 20%-30% less than the dealerships, sometimes more, depending on options for parts. Our labor rates are significantly less. All the client has to do is bring in a copy of the estimate given for the needed work. We will do a comparison of parts and labor. If it is an apple to apples comparison we will show the client where we can SAVE them money. So many times a shop will give an estimate that is very low so they can gain the clients business without providing them with an accurate potential cost.


We run what we call an open shop. If you bring your vehicle in for a problem or just a general check out, our expert technicians will spend their time carefully inspecting the vehicle to find the problem. They also will look over the vehicle for issues that may be starting and may need to be monitored in the future, as well as, look for any safety issues that may be developing. Once the technician has performed his inspection, the service writer will work up a quote of any and all needed repairs. Then the service writer will call or email the client an estimate of the work needed. We prefer the client come in to inspect the vehicle so we can show them exactly what is wrong, why it happened and what we will do to repair it. In the event that a repair may not be needed to be performed immediately, our service writer will give an educated estimate on the time the repair could be delayed. We believe in providing you with the best service possible and are committed to getting you back on the road!



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